**Stud Services Available**
Stud services are offered to approved does from registered breeders with CAE and JD tested free herds. Please contact us for more information

Bouncing Hooves Ye-Ha
Sire: Bouncing Hooves Rockstar
Dam: Bouncing Hooves Whisper
Adult Height: 55.3cm
Adult Grade: PUREBRED
D.O.B     22/7/2013

AUST CH. Craiglea Blinky Bill
Sire: AUST CH. Bouncing Hooves Bounty Hunter
Dam: AUST CH. Bouncing Hooves Faith
Adult Height: 59.9cm
Adult Grade: PUREBRED
D.O.B     20/12/2014

Kirrasumm Kidz Captain Cook
Sire: AUST CH. Craiglea Blinky Bill
Dam: Coldridge Park Charm
Adult Height: 
Adult Grade: Pot HERDBOOK
D.O.B     10/09/2018

Past Sires Used To Improve Our Herd

Drovers Hill Astro     Blue Eyes
Sire: Patona Park Hotshot
Dam: Yattarna Izzy
Adult Height: 59cm
Adult Grade: PUREBRED
D.O.B     11/12/2012

Kazoo Mighty Mouse     "Retired"
Sire: Bouncing Hooves Midget Man
Dam: Kazoo Fizzi
Adult Height: 59.7cm
Adult Grade: A
D.O.B     23/12/2010

Capricorn Ridge Warf    Blue Eyes
Sire: Kazoo Mighty Mouse
Dam: Capricorn Ridge Venus
Adult Height: 57.5cm
Adult Grade: A
D.O.B     13/08/2013
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