As a stud, we want to promote Australian Miniature Goats and get the
word out about these stunning animals. We find it hard to make people
believe us sometimes due to false advertising.
People advertise there kids as Miniature Kids thinking that they will sell
easy and as there is a substantial demand people can be easily fooled.
Please make sure you do your homework and/or at least see the dam if
not the sire to your new fur babies.
We believe that before you buy your new goat that you come and see
them first. (If that's possible)
Reason 1: To make sure they are Miniature bred, ask to view the parents
or the parents pedigree
Reason 2: For them to be registered with papers you should receive a
piece of paper showing there family history.
(Sire, Dam, Great sire, Great dam etc.)
If you don't have papers or a birth certificate signed by the breeder of the
animal there is No way to prove they are miniature bred.
(Minis aren't classified a miniature goat until 3 years of age. Until then they are classed as Miniature Bred.             
                                                                                 We ourselves have kids born each year and have a limited                                                                                            amount up for sale each year. As the demand for kids and adults                                                                                  increases, our waiting list becomes longer. We are more than                                                                                      happy to put you on our waiting list but you have to understand                                                                                    that we aren't certain to fulfil all orders for  that breeding season.                                                                                  As I said before the demand is high and is the same for lots of                                                                                      breeders around Australia. But as soon as we have more kids                                                                                      for sale you will be contacted or we can point you in the direction                                                                                  of another reputable breeder.
                                                                                 We will not sell single goats to you as they are herd animals and                                                                                  will get stressed alone. (If you already have another goat for                                                                                        company that is fine)
                                                                                 We will also not sell bottle babies as we like to keep them with                                                                                      mum for as long as possible. Kids are ready to leave us at 12 to
                                                                                 14 weeks to go to there new homes once weaned.
                                                                                 Bucks (Intact Males) will only be sold to registered breeders as                                                                                    they are not suitable for pet homes.
A frequently asked question is which makes a better pet for the family?? (Wether or Doe)
This is a personal choice. Both wethers (Castrated Males) and does (Females) make lovely pets. Wethers may tend to grow a little bigger then the does but that is not always the case and they still make excellent pets. Does come into season every 18 to 21 days  and some can become moody and noisy during this time. It much for muchness really, it just comes down to whether you like girls or boys. Note that wethers are cheaper than does.
Any animal that we consider a quality animal, please rest assured that they will not have any faults such as extra teats. As a breeder this is a BIG focus for us and any animal that has any form of extra teats will be sold strictly as a pet as they are not suitable for breeding. They are considered "Pet Quality" and not breeding nor show animals. 
We will offer you life long support and will help you out in anyway we can :)
All goats from us will come at the very best of health and from a friendly and clean environment.
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